Anime Emotional Art

Whether it is a multi-dimensional form or a flat piece, art is a way to express and share emotions. Colors, shapes and even sound cross barriers of language and common knowledge. Feelings are universal and can be expressed in many different ways. Anime uses visual motion, colors and music to achieve this effect. It tells a story with characters that appear as real as if they inhabited the streets outside the window. This effect is not always easy to achieve.

When watching any motion picture, suspension of disbelief is an important facet of an excellent viewer experience. It allows the viewer to believe in the fiction without the constant need for reminders that this is not reality. They can suspend reality for the duration of the film and go back to it at the end of the story. This heightens the overall effect of the film and makes the characters appear to be a normal part of the real world.

The search to find a person to interact with is a concept that spans many cultures. Even with today’s enhanced communications network, there are people who feel alone and isolated. Anime uses characters that have color and definitive forms to portray those who seek companionship. Other characters that do not connect emotionally with the seekers are portrayed in black and white. This is an effect that is often used to separate main and background characters.

Music is also part of the journey anime uses as a conveyance for the viewer. It is used as a substitute for language and carries straight emotional content to match the scenes viewed. Happiness, grief, loneliness, fear and sadness are all experienced by the characters and understood by the audience. Words are not necessary and translations are not needed with properly emotional music. It helps transcend the gaps viewers of different cultures might have when experiencing animated stories.