Benefits of Inter-Disciplinary Study


Creativity on a schedule is difficult, but it can be mastered by students. Learning other artistic disciplines is another ability that can be acquired by serious students who wish to excel in a lifetime art career. It takes an open mind and willingness to start at the bottom in other disciplines than their main focus. This is not always easy, but it can be lucrative in a career situation. There are many times that artists need the knowledge of disciplines other than their own. Attending an excellent art academy will teach them this fact.

The theater arts use many other disciplines than just the performing arts. While acting, singing and dancing are required for the full range of knowledge in the theater, there are other facets that can and should be explored. Stage and film work both require settings where the action will be performed. Those who have a good eye for stage settings or property where a scene can be filmed are an allied part of the art world. Producing backdrops and props is another creative part of this profession.

Prop builders must be able to provide background scenery and items such as furniture for a play or script to be completed. If a scene is being acted out or filmed and requires the actor to break a vase over a piece of furniture, the prop people are responsible for providing the items necessary. They must know something about ceramics in order to provide a vase that will break on cue. For plays, it is important to make sure the vases made are decorated properly but without a large expense. The prop master who knows how to apply ceramic decals or ceramic transfers to unfinished clay pieces will save their theater company a great deal of expense.

There are many ways to intermix creative careers. Knowledge is never wasted for those who want to excel at whatever they choose to do in life. For those who choose to become artists, knowing more than just their main discipline is an important way to add depth to their careers and understanding of their own art. It can be the deciding factor in being able to support their lifestyle after attending school.